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Eagle Commodities Limited is a global brokerage service provider specializing in over-the-counter derivatives within the energy markets.

We are an FCA regulated commodity broker serving over 140 global commodity clients ranging from oil majors, trading houses, to banks and hedge funds.

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We are a market leading brokerage in over-the-counter derivatives within the energy market, specialising in options, as the firm wields an impressive repertoire of 25 years combined commodity options trading experience.

Eagle launched an environmental desk in 2021 due to intense client demand, with a particular focus on the growing carbon offset market.

The business adopts a research-led approach to all the markets it enters, providing a best-in-class market intelligence and analysis service for clients.

Eagle entered carbon markets to cater to speculative fund interest for compliance market - EUA - options. The firm expanded its coverage of global compliance markets to California Carbon Allowances  - CCAs - the New Zealand - ETS - and the Australian Carbon Credit markets - ACCUs.

Our voluntary carbon brokerage and origination offering leverages relationships in the energy commodity space to source and market credits in the expanding voluntary carbon market - VCM.

Our mainBusiness Areas


Crude Oil

  • Brent
  • WTI
  • Dated Brent
  • DFL
  • Brent CFD
  • Dubai
  • Houston
  • Midland
  • Mars
  • LLS


  • Heating Oil
  • RBOB Gasoline
  • Jet Fuel
  • Gas Oil
  • Fuel Oil


  • LNG (LKM)
  • Dutch Gas (TTF)
  • Dutch 1st Line (TFU)
  • Henry Hub



  • EUA
  • UKA
  • CCA


  • GEO
  • N-GEO
  • Voluntary


The firm was founded on May 29th, 2008 with a small team and strategically expanded to London to maintain a European presence launching subsidiary Eagle Commodities Brokers in November 2008. Eagle is a boutique firm that attracts and retains talented individuals from the worlds of trading and brokerage to provide a more bespoke, educated, and developed level of service. Eagle’s core front office team wields an impressive repertoire of 25 years combined commodity options trading experience.  Our global presence allows us to provide the exemplary service with execution offerings across multiple markets ranging from Asia/Australia to US trading hours.  Eagle has developed an extensive network of the largest firms in the industry.

The firm’s client base mainly consists of physical traders, banks, and hedge funds.  Eagle specializes in offering pricing services, strategic hedging, execution (OTC and Screen), and research.  Our team’s trading experience coupled with proprietary Option and Swaps pricing models allows us to price structures and compare bid ask spreads to source the most liquid and competitive deals in the market place.

Eagle Commodities Brokers Ltd (Subsidiary of Eagle Energy Brokers LLC) is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and the U.S National Futures Association.  Eagle Energy Brokers LLC is a registered Introductory Broker with the National Futures Association under the auspices of the CFTC.


Damir Škovrlj


Damir has spent his entire career in the Energy Options space. After receiving his degree in Economics from the Queen Mary, University of London he joined Bank of America’s Oil options trading team. After spending time there he left and became Eagle’s first employee where he spent time building and developing the options business. He decided to return to the trading side where he worked at Credit Suisse/Glencore for a span of 5 years before moving to a Commodity specialist fund as a senior energy trader. With over 7 years of Oil Options trading experience Damir decided to return home to Eagle in September of 2014.

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